About Us

Today she owns a full service beauty studio, is one of the leading MUA’s in MN, has worked on over 10,000 faces, and has trained and mentored other MUA’s. Her passion for education is unparalleled. Her biggest pride and joy is helping aspiring MUA’s create a business and life they love.

back story

The owner and founder of Cleopatra’s Envy Makeup Academy is none other than pro makeup artist and community advocate, Amaralys Rivera. With over a decade of experience she has built her business from the ground up, a true success story. Amaralys wasn’t just born with the artistry we see today, she started from humble beginnings and grew her business to exponential levels, we truly believe anyone can alter their future. She found a career in makeup artistry because it allowed her as a teen mom to be able to not provide for her family but let it change the course of their lives as well. Simply put, with work all things can be done, we believe that.

Our approach

Cleopatra’s Envy Makeup Academy (CEMA), is the leader in providing pro level education by promoting inclusivity with our lesson plans, as well as our business centric academic model. 

our promise

Not only are we the premier academy in Minnesota, but we are fully accredited and recognized by the Minnesota Department of Higher Education. By the end of our time together you will be ready to conquer the challenges that pro makeup artists encounter during their career!